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entertain ideas of great communion: Veep: profiles in courage.

It’s a fantastic role for Dreyfus, capturing that same Elaine Benes sense of a person who thinks they’re smart constantly realizing they’re doing something colossally stupid.

Alan Sepinwall, “Review: Julia Louis-Dreyfus in HBO’s ‘Veep’,” What’s Alan Watching, April 20, 2012

Yes, well done Sepinwall.

That’s like trying to use a croissant as a fucking dildo … no, no, no: let me be more clear. It doesn’t do the job, and it makes a fucking mess.

Selina Meyer, Veep Ep. 01.05: “Nicknames”

The most recent episode of Veep was a really a cut above everything that’s come before it. Hopefully this is a sign that the show’s found its feet and this quality will be maintained.