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I write the worst One Direction fan fiction.

I write the worst One Direction fan fiction.

Oct 20


Are we in the clear yet?

  1. On some Sky Ferreira shit: gauzy and incandescent.
  2. The shouty backing vocal: “Are we in the clear yet GOOD”
  3. Monsters turned out to be trees, oh Tay. (EDIT: omg lol)
  4. Late ’80s pop like Dream Academy, right.
  5. No real hint of Jack Antonoff thank fuck
  6. "The rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color" A+++ very good lyric, and also seems the color motif of Red has become a Taylor Thing.
  7. Also I choose to interpret the Polaroid line literally: our Taylor selection today is magical-realism Taylor.
  8. "Last December, we were built to fall apart." Still going back to December, yes.
  9. Moving the furniture to dance is a bit “dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light” but “two paper airplanes flying” is a classic for the ages.
  10. Sing it in all caps: TWENTY STITCHES IN A HOSPITAL ROOM. So very Taylor and so very effective: simple and declarative; observation as image as icon, like how has she only now just picked up the Polaroid as a signifier? The object as synecdoche for not just a person but an emotion or an experience, since “that little black dress.”


Tom on "...Baby One More Time" at Popular
Sep 29

These are the best things in Rolling Stone's Taylor story

But 1998 was a strange and unstable time for alt-rock superheroes—as hard as it is to picture in 2014, the record industry literally had more money than they knew what to do with, but the big names of years past were finding themselves crowded out by rap-metal, post-Disney pop, and hip-hop. That much hasn’t changed, and on the other side—stop me if you’ve heard this one before—a critic-instigated push for electronic musicians as the new rock stars forced actual rock stars to pay lip service to the obsolescence of guitars (more so than OK Computer did). And that’s how you got, amongst many others, Nine Inch Nails’ baroque, Debussy-quoting double-album The Fragile, Marilyn Manson going glam, Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland making neo-psychedelic solo records, and the closest analog to Adore, R.E.M.’s Up, which is also way too long, missing their original drummer, and has a rightfully loathed first single.

Ian Cohen, “The Smashing Pumpkins: Adore [Review],” Pitchfork, September 26, 2014

This is good history, only, who on earth loathed “Daysleeper”? (Is Cohen thinking “Lotus”?)

The rest of the review is worth reading, too, if only for “Corgan couldn’t handle the egos of James Iha and D’arcy, imagine how we would’ve gotten on with post–No Way Out Puffy.”



Every day, I check my tumblr mail account in the not-so-secret hope that taylorswift has discovered my account and decided we should be best friends.

(Sorry screwrocknroll)

The worst thing about this is that if Taylor decided to become my best friend instead, eventually Erin would just steal her off me, so she wins anyway.

Album covers I love!
This is, according to science, the 1998-est album cover of all time.

Album covers I love!

This is, according to science, the 1998-est album cover of all time.

Kanye West Demands Fan In Wheelchair Stand Up

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