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Oh, Canada.

sayyes replied to your video

Did you watch the Canadian TV show with Sarah Polley as Ramona? As a Cleary devotee, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the adaptation…

No… this is a thing? BRB, investigating.

Ramona finished scrubbing the front of her sweater with the dish towel. “Well—” she said, thinking. “You know that big bridge across the Columbia River?”

“Yes. The Interstate Bridge. The one we cross when we drive to Vancouver.”

“I’ve always wanted to stop on that bridge and get out of the car and stand with one foot in Oregon and one foot in Washington.”

Beverly Cleary, Ramona and Her Father (1977)


“What shall we draw?” she asked.

“How about the state of Oregon?” he suggested. “That’s big enough.”

Ramona’s imagination was excited. “I’ll begin with the Interstate Bridge,” she said.

“And I’ll tackle Mount Hood,” said her father.

Together they went to work, Ramona on the end of the shelf paper and her father halfway across the kitchen. With crayons Ramona drew a long black bridge with a girl standing astride a line in the center. She drew blue water under the bridge, even though the Columbia River always looked gray. She added gray clouds, gray dots for raindrops, and all the while she was drawing she was trying to find courage to tell her father something.

Ramona glanced at her father’s picture, and sure enough he had drawn Mount Hood peaked with a hump on the south side exactly the way it looked in real life on the days when the clouds lifted.

Beverly Cleary, Ramona and Her Father (1977)