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The Diplomats (Cam’ron, Jim Jones & Juelz Santana) - Salute (2010)

Back like cooked crack.


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Also, as you might have heard me mention before

I have this fantasy of an alternate universe in which Cam’ron’s a Harry Potter fan, so he can rap “Avada Kedavra; another cadaver.”

Or maybe it’s more of a Writer line?

Waka Flocka Flame - Hard in Da Paint (Flockaveli, 2010)

In the end, this was a pretty convincing lock for my number one single of the year. I went from a major Flocka sceptic to being close to convinced that I did him wrong by leaving Flockaveli off my top ten this year, in much the same way I regretted not acknowledging the classic that is Thug Motivation 101 back in 2005 when it came out. 

What is “Hard in Da Paint”? It’s “when my little brother died I said ‘fuck school’.” It’s Lex Luger playing out AMC’s Georgia zombie-drama The Wallking Dead with his walker-shuffle beat. It’s the video getting shut down by the 50 mid-shoot. But it’s not dumb ghetto porn (or perhaps it’s not just dumb ghetto porn): this is Pill’s “Trap Goin’ Ham” pushed to the limit. It’s end of days brolic where the social commentary can’t be delineated from the chaos or the ignorance. It’s Flocka skipping the bullshit and laser-targeting Good Rap Music.

I haven’t put up a list of my favorite songs from 2010 yet because I haven’t been able to compile a list I’m properly happy with. But Pazz ‘n’ Jop is out now (You should have seen MBDTF coming, but fuck “Fuck You,” a lazy throwback number that didn’t even make proper bank off it’s nostalgia) and you can see what I voted for. I’m pretty comfortable with that top ten, but I’ll throw in afterward a few extras that it pained me to have to eject.

02. The Gaslight Anthem - The Diamond Church Street Choir (“Tell me who’ll sing the rhythm and the blues so sad and so slow like I do?”)
03. G-Side ft. Kristmas - Rising Sun (“
The whole point of flippin’ a brick was to flip it legit.”)
04. Hey Monday - Hangover (“Oh my god, what’s wrong with my head?”)
05. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (“Wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces.”)
06. The National - Afraid of Everyone (“I try not to hurt anybody I like.”)
07. Robyn - Dancing on My Own (“That’s me in the corner, watching you kiss her.”)
08. Curren$y ft. Killa Kyleon- 4 Hours and 20 Minutes (Ride to H-Town) (“Jet life to the next life”)
09. Vado - Large on the Streets (“SLIME”)
10. Best Coast - Boyfriend (“I hope that he’s at home, waiting by his phone.”)

…and approximate:

11. Taylor Swift - Mean (“Big enough so you can’t hit me.”)
12. The Diplomats - Salute (“VAMPIRE LIFE. TRUE BLOOD. DRACULA.”)
13. Kanye West ft. John Legend - Blame Game (“Yeezy reupholstered my pussy.”)
14. Lloyd Banks ft. Juelz Santana - Beamer, Benz, or Bentley (“Got a girl named ‘Cigar’.”)
15. Young Jeezy ft. Plies - Lose My Mind (“SECURITY, I NEED HELP!”)
16. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (“The shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains.”)
17. French Montana ft. Curren$y - So High (“In the cut, rolling tropical”)

Neva 4get.

I would rock both these outfits.
Cam & Juelz: Still Best Dressed Of All Time Forever.

I would rock both these outfits.

Cam & Juelz: Still Best Dressed Of All Time Forever.