Clipse ft. Ab Liva & Roscoe - Cot Damn

I’ve lived for most of my life round coastal New South Wales, where winter tends to last from half way through June until half way through August, and the rest of the year ranges from hot to unbearable. I’ve lived other places, but last time I was in Washington it was from the beginning of fall to early the next spring. And when I came to D.C. at the end of last year, the city was recovering from one blizzard and getting ready to head into the next. Then I came to Seattle where it’s always 50 and raining.

So today I put on my new Levis and my blue plaid shirt looking fresh to death on them, and I stepped outside to go down to the Uwajimaya because I wanted to buy some udon and mushrooms and that, and, walking to the light rail station, I wished I’d worn a t-shirt. The sky is an amazing, cloudless blue and across Puget Sound what looks like fluffy white clouds are actually the mountains on the Olympic Peninsula and I put this tune on my iPod and cot damn. So this is why people like summer.

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