In 2016…

…how about the media doesn’t get sucked into that “random midwestern state might go Republican” thing that it always does?

Pls note:

  • Minnesota: Hasn’t gone GOP in 40 years
  • Wisconsin: Hasn’t gone GOP in 28 years
  • Pennsylvania: Hasn’t gone GOP in 24 years
  • Michigan: Hasn’t gone GOP in 24 years
  • Illinois: Hasn’t gone GOP in 24 years

And don’t bring up gubernatorial politics! That’s always different. You don’t think New Jersey’s about to go red because of Chris Christie, do you?

None of this means that there’s no chance these states won’t some day vote GOP. The electoral map changes over time and winning campaigns often expand into territory previously thought safe for the other side. But if you’re watching a close campaign, ignore those Republican operatives telling you they’re expanding into Pennsconsota because they’re convinced the white working class will make it the key state in their bid for 270.