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Prince George’s County, Maryland


  • The wealthiest African American majority county in the United States
  • According to Slate’s map, an employed woman makes 99 cents on every dollar an employed man there earns.

I grew up in PG County, FWIW, but here’s an article from the Post from 2011 that talks a little bit about the racial dynamics of wealth, which continue to shift. Another interesting component of the story is the continued growth of a strong Hispanic middle class in the area.

This is a really interesting article! (Thanks Dave.)

Noteworthy, though perhaps irrelevant:

“It was important to us to settle where they could see African Americans at their best,” LaShonda McFarland said. “It’s amazing because my daughter can go outside and see a female doctor across the way and that’s what she wants to be when she grows up. It’s like we have our own set of mentors in the neighborhood.”

Emphases mine.