I’m 29 so whatever

You know, no one ever acts like a male artist writing about being a young person in and out of love is something that shouldn’t appeal to a universal audience. If you’re a dude, you’re assumed to be universal. But when a woman writes about this sort of thing, well, you get clown shit like this:

 I think, maybe, some of the 30-something guys that poptimistically defend [Taylor Swift] may just be lecherous and bad at heart.

Naw, freal. Try to imagine someone saying Dylan or Springsteen shouldn’t have had adult women as fans. But those dudes are universal, right? It’s women who are a ghetto: a class of performers apparently so weird and unrelatable that they can never be understood by a broader audience.

And then bro gets his Fox News on:

You people, it’s as if the word “maybe” has lost all meaning. What has happened to reality and language?

Oh right. He wasn’t saying folks were perverts, he was just suggesting. Uh-huh.

This isn’t about defending the right of men to be into Taylor Swift; it’s about asserting the right of female musicians to not be marginalized as special interests.