Critical practices that get the side-eye

Male critics who say they “prefer women artists” or just “aren’t that into” music made by men.

  • First, because I don’t believe ‘em. Not because it’s an impossible or absurd stance, but because I doubt their ability to self-report.
  • Second, because exoticizing an entire gender isn’t a critical stance. Thinking women have a magical ability to conjure up good music is as dumb as those dudes who are all like “yeah, I’m not sexist, I just don’t like women’s voices” or whatever. 
Freal doe, you’re far more likely to run into the kind of far-more-damaging male critic who isn’t prepared to enjoy music made by a woman unless it conforms closely to traditionally masculine models of artistry, but these fake-progressives, albeit rarer, are hella foolish as well.