It’s like…

…in the director’s commentary for “Bart vs Australia,” the writers etc. of The Simpsons discuss the mixed response the episode got in Australia. They’re baffled why Australians would have been peeved at the way we portrayed; after all, The Simpsons makes fun of Americans week after week, and they don’t mind.

None of them realized the key difference: that The Simpsons satirizes America based on the observations of people keenly familiar with the place. Its parody of Australia, however, was broad and uninformed and ignorant. A prime minister who drinks Fosters while floating in a dam in the outback isn’t comparable to a corrupt, philandering, feckless mayor from a rich background with a picture-perfect extended family with skeletons in its closet who is a Democrat with a Massachusetts accent.

(And yet “Bart vs. Australia” is actually funny! The jokes in it are good, even if the stereotypes are hackneyed.)