the funniest thing i’ve ever seen probably

Ain’t that a fucking bitch.

pitchfork and its fucking reissues, man.

White mirror bias

Ceteris paribus — yes, publications maintain some form of editorial voice — it seems to me that the best way to explain the change from 5.4 to 9.0 is to look at the change from Taylor M. Clark to Ian Cohen.

If you want to draw anything from the disparity, note that this kind of thing happened to a fair few of the ’00s most prominent indie rock icons. Pitchfork came round eventually on Bright Eyes — Oberst’s next two records received a 7.7 and a 8.7 — but, if I recall correctly, the site rarely gave Death Cab, for instance, anything more than tentative praise. Despite Pitchfork’s significant and impressive influence over the past decade, the scene followed its own nose far more often than Schreiber et. al led them.

(Source: unstoeuf)