WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s defence lawyer says his client, seeking asylum in Ecuador, is in a state of limbo because of secrecy from the United States over the charges it may pursue.

"We anticipate those charges, but do not have any information from the US as the grand jury proceedings are secret - and therefore the charges are secret," Baltasar Garzon, the Spanish former judge who heads Assange’s legal team, said on Friday.

Secretive US keeping Assange in limbo: ex-judge,” AFP/AP, August 4, 2012

Anti-Americanism and the cult of Julian Assange continue to combine in really stupid ways. Sweden wants to talk to him about some rapes, but apparently the US are the really scary ones because they haven’t even said they want to charge Assange with anything! Poor Julian, beset upon by a nation that hasn’t even tried to have him arrested.

(Also, dear god, the inanity of this talk about a “secret” grand jury. Do these people think a prosecutor or a district attorney would be any more forthcoming?)