And then there’s the would-be hipster nod to Heatmiser’s “Not Half Right” on the swooning Smallville balladry of “Kill” (“like your favorite Heatmiser song said/ It’s just like being alone”). Elliott Smith’s only been dead for a year, guys — a little respect, please.

Great moments in Pitchfork vs emo. (Previously. And.)

n.b. No shots at the author of the review, who may see this post and who is someone I like and respect. I didn’t remember who wrote it until I looked it up, but if you’re making someone think about one of your reviews eight years after it was written, you’re doing something right.

(I totes think “Kill" is a great JEW song though. Up there with "Pain," "Work," "Big Casino" and "Jen" in terms of great Adkins-penned post–Bleed American tracks. And, no, that’s not a long list.)