isabelthespy said: avengers didn't get to this, but the captain america movie IMO actually sort of interrogates its own mythology -- i mean i don't want to hype it up too much, cuz i definitely wish it'd done more of that and by the halfway point at the latest it drops off for straight action, but i sensed an awareness that CA was more representative of what america wanted to view itself as than what it was. & the relationship to nostalgia was somewhat complicated. mileage varies on this reading tho

That sounds interesting, and, honestly, the trailer looks way cooler than I’d expect from a 2011 movie called Captain America. I figure I’ll check it out sooner or later.

I suppose, unenunciated in these posts I’ve been making about the Avengers is both a realization that the superhero genre doesn’t work very well for me, but, in spite of that, there’s something about superhero stories I find interesting. But whatever it is that I find interesting about them, it’s not what I usually see in movies about superheroes.

Perhaps it’s that even though I find superheroes interesting, I don’t really believe in their moral worth. Which is why hearing that, say, CA has some awareness about what it is makes me more interested in seeing it.