I mean, fair point.

Honest, nonhostile question: If you can’t bring yourself to care about superheroes, why on earth would you go see The Avengers?

On one level: Because some of my colleagues were going after work and why not?

But really: Because the buzz was that this wasn’t comic book–fan niche entertainment. The pre-release chatter — and many of the subsequent reviews — suggested this wasn’t an ordinary superhero movie and that it succeeded as a high-quality mass-audience blockbuster. And since I enjoyed The Dark Knight and the first half of Hancock, I thought I might enjoy this as well.

Instead I found a genre flick that was decidedly not of my genre. (And I’m serious in saying no shots. I’m real glad for anyone who, say, received this like I did The Hunger Games.) But I did also decide I should probably see at least the first Iron Man movie.