Australia gets nostalgic too…

Jonathan Bradley: Catcall remembers that new wave was birthed from punk rock, and “The World is Ours” comes off as “Teenage Kicks” with added synths. Coming on the heels of similarly electronic-driven singles over the past decade by Cut Copy, Van She, Sneaky Sound System, and Muscles, Catcall is a pleasing indicator that Australia might have a future in which electro-pop is considered as native a genre as pub rock. And “The World is Ours” is deliberately constructed to sound like the start of something big: the hook screams “you ready?” and the song concludes before the band gets around to explaining exactly what we’re preparing ourselves for. Consider my appetite whet.

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This song freal yo. (BTW, does anyone want to commission me to expand the second sentence of this blurb into feature length?)