I’ll be the first one to say, along with probably most people reading this, that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are funnier than Bill Maher.  Maher’s an old school, Borscht Belt/Vegas type yukster, his jokes about women are Cro-Magnon, his opinions on religion are borderline intolerant.  Stewart and Colbert are much hipper, and therefore much funnier.  But Maher just owns them here, eviscerating the Rally to Restore Sanity for buying into the invisible, rational middle model of political rhetoric that needs two equally extreme sides to exist.  Maher’s not the guy I’d pick to lead an actual progressive movement in this country (I’d probably choose Glenn Greenwald), but at least he’s not afraid to take a stand on something.

Yeah, this. I talk a bit more about it here, but the basic problem is that Stewart got all this political moderation mixed up in his call for rhetorical moderation.