About Jonathan

Jonathan Bradley would be one of the most promising new writers of the twenty-first century, except he was already writing in the twentieth. He is currently the editor of the Blogbook section of American Review magazine, a blogger and social media advisor with the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney Australia, and an editor and contributor to the Singles Jukebox website. He has previously written for the Sydney Morning Herald, Stylus Magazine, Lost at Sea, The Western Front, and Volume Magazine.

Jonathan likes to think that he can write about nearly anything, but in practice, his concerns usually hew to pieces  on popular music, politics, criticism, the United States of America, and how much he loves cities. He doesn’t mind writing about books or television, either.

Jonathan has a Master of Letters in US Studies from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Communication from the University of Newcastle, for which he majored in Journalism. He spent some time studying, as an exchange student, at the University of Washington and the University of Western Washington and in 2010 he interned in the leadership office of US Congressman James E. Clyburn, who was at the time the Majority Whip of the House of Representatives.

Jonathan — like Andy Warhol — comes from nowhere, and has, of late, called home the cities of Sydney and Seattle. His earliest works consisted of a re-telling of “The Wind in the Willows,” a shaggy dog story revolving around spelunking, and an epic narrative he constructed during fourth grade that incorporated his classmates as characters and had a plot swiped from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, which he may not even have seen at the time of writing. When he was 17, he wrote an absurdist, one act, Beckett-inspired play that included subtle Radiohead refences. Jonathan still does not consider originality to be a particularly laudable quality.

When he’s not writing, Jonathan makes music, which he sometimes puts on the Internet under the name The Saturday Club. For this, Jonathan plays guitar, banjo, keyboards, any other instrument he can lay his hands upon. He has a fondness for sequencing and sampling, and particularly likes chopping and screwing other people’s songs.

If you’re wondering, that chopping and screwing technique is where the name of this blog comes from.